Fix it up or get the Cash Now? That is the question.

How do you get the most out of your fixer upper property? Sell it now in ‘as is’ condition or try to fix it up? There is no easy answer and one solution doesn’t fit all situations. You need to make an educated choice. The first thing to remember is that time is money. The more months you spend trying to make a decision the house could go down in market value, develop new problems, and no longer be worth as much. 

You need to have a plan. First know what your options are. 

What Does It Mean to Sell Your House “As Is”?

Selling in ‘as is’ condition means that you are not going to be making any repairs to the home whatsoever. The way the house will be sold is in its current condition. Even if the inspector tells you there is extensive water damage, the roof is imploding, and there is mold everywhere you walk away without any further responsibilities. 

Should you fix it up? 

After living in the same house for some time it is tempting to let certain chores or maintenance tasks go. Neglecting to reseal windows or touch up the paint happens, but what do you do about all the repairs that poor maintenance has caused when you are ready to sell? Should you fix up the imperfections or sell it “as is?”

In many cases, fixing up a home or property before you list it is the better option. A modern and well-maintained home is more appealing, meaning you’ll likely turn a higher profit in the end. 

That being said, in situations where you need to move quickly for personal or financial reasons, selling your home without making all the repairs is a good option to consider. Some great examples being: if your home is about to be foreclosed upon, the repairs are beyond your scope of ability, or you’re going through a divorce and you need to move quickly. Then you should at least look into selling the property in ‘as is’ condition. 

There are even circumstances where you are required to make repairs to the property before being allowed to list it. If you aren’t sure if your home will meet modern expectations, a great way to get a feel for it is to go to a few open houses near you. If the houses you tour have a fully tiled bathroom or brand new kitchen cabinets you will know the standards. 

Sell house for cash

Who buys houses in AS IS condition? 

Poorly maintained properties do not usually appeal to potential buyers. In reality, it is not always worth the money. 28.5% of people said there would be no savings or advantage to buying a fixer upper. 28% also said the stress alone would make the buy not worth it. Kentucky Sell Now is here to help. If you are looking to sell a property in the Kentuckiana area, Kentucky Sell Now might be the best option for you. Kentucky Sell Now buys houses for cash in ‘as is’ condition. No listing needed. No repairs required. Contact Kentucky Sell Now for your fair cash offer! 

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