Selling A House? We will work with you!

KYSN the Cleveland

We have been working with the Clevlands for over a year with their rental property, they needed a unique deal that would work for them and their situation! Kentucky Sell Now wants to meet you where you are. Rental property sales can be difficult, but Kentucky Sell Now is here for the long haul. We will walk you through the entire process and give you a CASH OFFER!

Keeping the Tenants After the Sell?

You don’t want to kick people out of their home, but you need to sell. We understand and we are here to help! Kentucky Sell Now is willing to work with you and the current renters! We want to find a deal where everyone comes out winning and no one is left homeless. If you have a rental property that you are ready to sell, but the renters aren’t ready to move give us a call today at (502) 335-4968.

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