What Buyers Are Looking for In a House

The next generation of home buyers is here and they are ready to invest, but they have some different requirements than you might be used to. We are used to hearing buyers interested in how many bathrooms a house has, or making sure that there is at least one tub in the house for little ones, but his new generation has some unusual focus points when it comes to home buying. 

1 Open concept. 

The new home buyers on the market love to see open floor plans and large rooms that have multiple functions. This works to make the house seem larger, even if it doesn’t have that many square feet. They want to see the adaptability and versatile capabilities of a larger space with less restricting walls.

2 Home Offices 

More and more people are working from home. This has resulted from both recent events and technological advances that make working from home possible. With this new trend in modern-day business, there is a very important feature home buyers are looking for…home offices. A place where they can work, separate from the rest of their lives but still within their home.

3 Energy Efficient 

Green is good! Plus in the long run energy-efficient homes save money. New home buyers are interested to see eco-friendly appliances, windows, and solar panels. Things that they are willing to pay a little more upfront for but will save them money in the long run.

4 Technology! 

The more the better. Buyers want to see built-in technology systems to lock their doors, turn on their lights, and power their electronics. It can be as simple as a wall outlet with built-in USB adaptors or as complex as solar panel heated floors. The convenience of technology sells homes.

NOW all that might seem a bit much. These things are expensive. Plus if your house had all of those things, you might not be wanting to sell! You don’t want to go to the extra effort of knocking out walls and switching out all the light bulbs to ones you can control with an app on your phone for someone else to enjoy! We get it. If you have a house that isn’t picture-perfect, but you need to sell, contact us. We are Kentucky Sell Now. We buy houses. No matter the condition, energy efficiency, layout, or the number of bathrooms. 

Let us come out and make you a cash offer on your home today!

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