First Time Selling A Home?

Selling a house can be a cumbersome task. The housing market can be intimidating and the realtors are constantly sending you emails, snail-mail, and gimmicks to get you to sell your house with them. Here are the biggest things to remember if you are a first-time seller. Don’t Get Emotionally Involved Selling your house is … Continued

What To Do If Your House Won’t sell

Selling a home requires the right preparation, right pricing, and marketing to help get it sold. It is especially difficult to sell during times of economic unrest. Right now with COVID-related unemployment and a decrease in income has led many homeowners to a very difficult time in the housing market. Many people have decided to … Continued

Rental Tenants Wrecked the House. Now What?

Rental properties may seem like a fantastic way to make a steady income, but it doesn’t come without risks.  Renters often neglect the house they are living in because “it really isn’t theirs anyway.” Now this is certainly not all renters! But unfortunately, it tends to be a good deal of them.  If your renters … Continued