How Much is it to Fix Up Your House?

Is it worth fixing up your house? Or are you better off selling your fixer upper? There are several considerations before making a final choice. The first thing to determine is the scale of the project. How much of your house will need to be renovated? Does it just need a new coat of paint … Continued
Sell house for cash

Housing Market 2022

Experts say the housing market in 2022 is going to be a wild ride! This last year has been an insane ride! We have seen people starting to move away from the cities to cut costs while working their remote jobs, millennials have begun entering the property market, and mortgages have hit an all time … Continued

What to do with the House in a Divorce

Large mutually owned assets are the most difficult to divide in the event of a divorce. Does one or the other wish to retain the property? What is the value of the house? What is the best way to sell the house? Here is a quick and easy guide on what to do!

Selling a House This Winter!

If you are ready to upgrade to your next house but are finding it difficult to sell your current property here are some tips and tricks to get your home to sell!

Selling Undeveloped Land? Why Kentucky Sell Now

We have worked to become the fastest, safest, and easiest option out there. How? Kentucky Sell Now has made an intentional effort to get to know our clients. We care about you, your situation, and your property. We aren’t here to just take your land for profit. We are here to help you. We want … Continued

4 Differences Between Relators and Home Buyers

Seller Obligations  Realtors will often have a lot of paper work for you to sign and commit to at the beginning of selling a house. All that fine print can make you go cross eyed. Obligations can vary realtor to realtor. However, there are Professional Home Buyers that have a 0 obligation policy. Once you … Continued

How to Determine a Fair Price for Your House

Location Where the house actually stands is extremely important. How close it is to schools, parks, downtown, or industrial areas all matter. In the Louisville area, houses closer to downtown -with all the nigh life – are worth more. Crossing the bridge into Jeffersonville, Indiana, you may see an increase in value the closer you … Continued

Selling a House in Probate in Kentucky

Can a house be sold while in probate in the state of Kentucky? YES! There are a few simple steps to selling a house in probate that need to be followed. Consider getting in touch with a real estate investor, such as Kentucky Sell Now, to make this process go smoothly.  The first thing the … Continued

Probate. What it is and what it isn’t.

The entire point of probate is to protect the assets of someone who has died from fraudulent claims and ensure everything remains legal. Having a Will does not help you avoid the probate process. A house can avoid probate if it’s automatically passed on to survivors via a living trust, joint ownership, community property law, … Continued

Why Kentucky Sell Now?

Kentucky Sell Now is the best house buyer in Southern Indiana and Kentucky. If you need to sell your property quickly with no hassles you need to contact KSN today.  We intentionally have worked to become the fastest, safest, and easiest option out there. How? Kentucky Sell Now has made an intentional effort to get … Continued