Selling Undeveloped Land? We are Interested!

Kentucky Sell Now makes selling undeveloped land easy and cost-effective! You can sell your land to us “As-Is”, meaning you don’t need to take on the unnecessary financial burden of trying to “improve” the land before you sell.

We Aren’t Listing Your Land. We Are Here To Buy Your Land.

Don’t waste your time with listings, we will give you a fair market price for your land and cover all the closing fees! Selling land to Kentucky Sell Now is simple, easy, and fast! All you have to do is contact Kentucky Sell Now!

Generally, we will sell the land that we buy through owner financing at a fair price that makes land ownership affordable for everyone. If you are a land buyer looking for an incredible financial deal, then feel free to send a note, call, or email what you are looking for, along with your name, phone number, and email address. We look forward to working with you!

Let Us Do the Work for You

Small improvements, such as mowing or brush hogging the land are one thing, but bending over backwards to make improvements on land can just lead to wasted effort, and end up costing you both time and money. Kentucky Sell Now won’t ask you to do any of that. We got it covered with no risk or financial responsibilities placed on you.

Selling a property “As-Is” places the burden of responsibility on the land buyer to conduct their own due diligence, not you.  While it’s true that a seller needs to be upfront and honest when you sell your land “As-Is” it lets the buyer know you are making no claims as to the condition or specifics about the property. We will do our examination of the property and work with you at a fair market price.

Worried that your land is too off the grid? Are you in a parcel’s situation in less appealing neighborhoods? We are still interested!! We love helping people get out of tough situations. In a hurry to sell? Not a problem! We work fast!

Contact us today and we will be in touch within 24 hours.