3 Reasons to Leave Realtors Behind and Sell to the Professionals.

Selling a house, especially if it needs to be a quick sale to avoid foreclosure, can be quite the challenge. You may feel like using a realtor is the only option available to you, fortunately it isn’t! Here are 3 reasons to leave realtors behind!

Faster House Sales, Every Time

The average time it takes a realtor to sell a house is about 6 months to a year. With a Professional Home Buyer that average drops down significantly. Fair cash offers have been in hand in less than a week!

Realtors often use what is known as an MLS or a Multiple Listing Service. These services list hundreds if not thousands of different houses at a time in the Kentuckiana area alone. It’s difficult to stand out in all of that competition, especially if you don’t want to spend money on a good photographer, videographer, and staging. Using a realtor will require you to spend more money on a house that you are trying to sell!

Selling the House in As Is Condition

When you start having a conversation with a relator, they will eventually mention the anxiety-filled word, “inspection.” Home inspections are stressful and can easily make a sale fall through because at the end of every inspection is a dreaded and costly list of repairs. 

Repairs can be a huge expense in the house selling process. Repairs can vary from interior floor repairs and aesthetics to structural issues. These costs will increase dramatically if you can’t do the repairs yourself, and instead have to hire a contractor to come in and do the work for you. Not sure if your ideal Saturday is sitting around waiting for a contractor to show up at a vaguely determined time, but if you are using a realtor, you can count on that. 

With a Professional Home Buyer you can skip the costs of inspections, anxiety, and repairs. Sell your house exactly as it stands! No need to waste a Saturday on a house you aren’t interested in keeping. 

Avoid the Closing Costs of Selling a House

The closing costs of a house using a realtor is on average about 2% in Kentucky and Indiana, but can easily get to 6%. If you manage to get a fair deal on a house, you can easily end up paying upwards of $3,000 in just closing costs alone. This is an out of pocket cost that you can’t avoid if you are using a realtor. Avoid the realtor, avoid the fees.

With a Professional Home Buyer you can avoid the closing costs and other fees all together. Get a fair cash offer with no hidden fees.

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