4 Differences Between Relators and Home Buyers

If you are looking to quickly sell off a fixer upper house, one of the first choices that you will have to make is to use a realtor or a Professional Home Buyer. They may sound similar, but the benefits to you couldn’t be more different. 


Let’s be honest, this is the largest concern you have. You don’t want to put more time, effort or money in to a house that you have decided to sell. 

With a relator you will have to pay for obvious repairs, get an inspection, pay for the repairs that weren’t so obvious, and that is before you get to closing costs, commission fees, or appraisals.

A good, Professional Home Buyer takes care of all of those things. They prefer to buy a house before repairs are made, offering you a fair price for what your house is worth as it stands. There are no commissions or appraisals because there is no middle man, you can get a cash offer the same day. Many Professional Home Buyers- including Kentucky Sell Now in Louisville Kentucky pay for everything so you don’t have to. 


On average, in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, it takes 6 months to a year to sell a home once it hits the market. Realtors use programs called Multiple Listing Sites or MLSs. These have 100s of different houses listed in every county. It’s hard to stand out in that crowd so it takes time to get noticed. Even when you do finally get noticed there can be any number of showings, and depending on the condition of your house this process can take months. Once you have accepted an offer on your property it will take an additional 30 to 60 days to actually sell the house. 

With a Professional Home Buyer all of that wasted time is avoided. Just make the call and they will come to you! You could have a cash offer in as little as one day and forget any other showings. The closing date is entirely up to you, and in as little as 7 days you can have cash in your hand for your house. 

Seller Obligations 

Realtors will often have a lot of paper work for you to sign and commit to at the beginning of selling a house. All that fine print can make you go cross eyed. Obligations can vary realtor to realtor.

However, there are Professional Home Buyers that have a 0 obligation policy. Once you tell them a little about your property, they take a look and make you a cash offer. From there is 100% your choice. You can accept or reject the offer as you see fit. 

Personal investment 

Real estate agents list properties and hope that someone will buy them. Realtors sell houses as their job, for the commissions with no personal investment. There is a huge risk in using a Realtor for the simple fact they have tons of different clients. They may have a house that would make a better pay out for them, so they will focus their efforts on that home instead of yours. 

Professional Home Buyers buy houses in all conditions with money from their own pocket. Professional Home Buyers make their living by taking the risk to buy the house, repair the house, and market it themselves to find a buyer (which is the hard part in this market). There are no hidden agendas or distractions from your situation. 

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