How Much is it to Fix Up Your House?

Is it worth fixing up your house? Or are you better off selling your fixer upper? There are several considerations before making a final choice. The first thing to determine is the scale of the project. How much of your house will need to be renovated? Does it just need a new coat of paint and an updated floor or are you looking at a major renovations with new cabinets, roof, and plumbing work?

Costs will greatly vary, but here are some averages just to give you a rough idea.

If you know how to complete some of the renovations yourself you can cut costs significantly, but if you are in a situation where outsourcing is the only option costs can triple the cost of the materials. The best way to tackle large housing updates tends to be one room at a time. This way you can manage your expectations, budget, and have an understanding of the time it will take to complete the total update.

It is very understandable to get scared off by these numbers. You might be thinking that you do not have the money to invest in the property you have or wondering if the property is really worth putting that amount of money into. If that is you, consider selling the property. With out updates or care the house will only continue to lose value in time. By selling your house now in as is condition you can cut your losses and find a new way to invest your time, energy, and money. If you are ready to see what your house is truly worth contact Kentucky Sell Now TODAY. We will give you a fair assessment and help you decide what your next move should be. We are not the solution for every home owner looking to sell, and we know that! But we LOVE helping people! So contact us today for more information!

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