Selling an Indiana House in Probate

The state of Indiana has very clear and well-defined rules on selling a house in probate. If you have been named as the executor of a loved one’s Last Will and Testament you will need to be aware of several things. 

First, just because you are named as the executor doesn’t mean the state recognizes it. You will have to file the paperwork with the court and appear at a hearing to be permitted to alter the estate. 

Once you are named the executor you then have to go through the process of paying all bills, taxes, and leans on the property. Legally you have to allow for 3 months for anyone to come forward with an invoice or bill. Once that time has ended rights to claim unpaid bills are null and you can begin altering and dispersing the estate including the property. 

Many choose to sell any property that was left behind, especially if there is more than one person who stands to inherit. Selling the property for cash is often the best option. The profits from the house, land, or buildings can be equally divided among the beneficiaries. 

However, most property does need a little TLC before it can be put up for sale. The liquid asset of the estate may or may not cover the expense of the repair. You will need to look at the money available from the estate as a whole. If you decide not to take money from the estate you can sell the house in “as-is” condition. The simplest way to do that in southern Indiana is to contact Kentucky Sell Now

Once you contact Kentucky Sell Now and tell them you have a house in probate to sell, closing will only take a matter of days. They will come to inspect the property and give you a fair cash estimate that can be paid to the estate to be divided later. No repairs are needed or required to make the sale, and neither you nor the capital sum in the estate will be given any closing or realtor fees. This is the way you can maximize your cash for a house in probate. 

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